Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Update: Writer’s/Artist’s Oasis or How I wait patiently for construction to begin

I picked out my door, paid my deposit and now I have to wait another week. Construction should start 10/22.

What have I been doing while waiting? Not counting the weeks it took me to pack everything up (except my desk and computer, and printer, and scanner, and TV, and some heavy furniture) and move it to the shed and the garage. (Yes, I had that much stuff in this room. It's 12x24.) I have finished the memoir Story of an Immigrant: a Russian boy born in China prospers in Canada. I’m waiting for my second proof from Create Space. The first proof had the pages starting on the left instead of the right, which was my fault because Word2011 PDFs pages differently than I was used to with my old version. And my old version was incompatible with my new operating system. Wait, does that make it my fault? Hopefully the proof comes soon, is right, and I can send proofs to the others involved in the publication for a final ok.

I joined two blog challenges that have engaged my creative mind: 31-Day Purge over at A Bowl Full of Lemons and Fall Style Challenge over at Get Your Pretty On. Both are fun, instructional, and positive experiences that have helped boost my confidence and cleared out some cobwebs.

I also did a little crafty thing: Upscaling an old clipboard. My mother was going to throw out two old, water-stained clipboards. I grabbed them. I love to upscale items.

A pretty basic project anyone can do to spiff up their writing space.

If you’d like to try this, here is how I did it:
  1. I dusted, washed, dried then I spray pained the board and clip with Rust-oleum Painter's Touch paint and primer in satin Aqua I had left over from my 'Flights of Fancy' peacock pendent light project (there may be another blog in that). I lightly sanded the board when dry. Some paint gathered where the clip meets the board and I had to sand that smooth.
  2. A couple days later I bought the same brand paint in gloss White and satin Lagoon. I couldn’t find the turquoise I really wanted. I masked off the clip and painted that gloss white.
  3. When that was dry (more on that in a minute) I took off the masking, then I masked the board with painters tape in a diagional pattern. I laid one piece of tape down. Laid another right next to it, then another next to that. Then I lifted the tape in between, leaving a space. I did this until I reached the bottom corner. Then I sprayed the darker blue.
  4. When dry, I flipped the board over and painted the back because I didn’t think to do it after step 1, which would have been the better process.

I’m impatient and didn’t allow enough time for drying and ended up with smears on the back, and blue fingers. I recommend always allowing proper drying time. The gloss over the light blue matte reacted weirdly in that is started to crinkle. I buffed it with fine sand paper so the blue under coat shows a bit giving it a distressed look.

With my Writer’s/Artist’s Oasis room decoration I plan to refinish some items, upscale others, and just freshen up this and that with spray paint. I have several older drawer dividers that I am thoroughly tired of. I’m going to spray them with the Rust-oleum as it is made to cover plastics, too. I’m going to spray the inside of my work bench drawers with the white gloss paint then put the colorful dividers in those drawers. If I can find the right turquoise I will spray some of my office fixtures that will be sitting out, like in/out trays, etc.