Friday, January 23, 2015

This could be the life-changing challenge you've been looking for.

The first month of the new year is almost gone. 

Have you set goals or resolutions? 
Have you thought about how you will achieve everything you want to do?
Have you thought about how you want to improve your life this year? 
Do you want to be more confident in who you are?
Here's a chance to Rediscover Yourself. 

I first found Alison Lumbatis' web site, Get Your Pretty On,* last fall. I joined her  Fall Style Me Pretty Challenge and it was so much fun, and so rewarding that I also participated in three more style challenges: Build Your Wardrobe Basics for Women over 40, Winter/Holiday Style Me Pretty Challenge, and Work Your Work Wear Challenge. With each challenge you get a list of clothes to pull from your closet or shop for. Then for 21 days you get an outfit of the day via email, mixing and matching the items from the list. You get to step out of your style box and try new things new ways. You can join a private Facebook Group for each challenge and share your conquests, style questions, and compliment each other in this group of generous, like-minded women.

I completely turned my tired, old, frumpy wardrobe around. Now I want to Rediscover Me and to do that I joined her next challenge, the Rediscover Me 28 Day Challenge. 

From Alison:

Rediscover your confidence and prioritize what matters in 28 Days

Are you ready to make February a life-changing month?

Here’s what you get in the 28 Day Challenge…

  • A step-by-step guide to gain satisfaction, confidence and clarity in key areas including goal setting, self care, appearance, health, wellness, personal growth and relationships.
  • Daily videos and exercises to inspire you to dig deep and create lasting, positive change.
  • Printable PDF’s and journaling exercises based upon my most effective life coaching techniques for women.
  • Weekly accountability and focus forms that you can continue to use even after the challenge ends.
  • Group support and accountability in our 28 Day Challenge community.
This challenge might be for you if: 
  • You’re ready to regain your confidence and a sense of who you really are.
  • You’re stuck in a rut and not sure how to get out of it.
  • You’re wanting to rediscover a sense of your identity outside of your typical roles of mom and wife.
  • You’re an empty nester ready to reinvent yourself.  You may have a vague sense of what’s next but aren’t really sure.
  • Most importantly, you’re ready to dig deep and DO THE WORK.  This course is called a challenge for a reason.  It’s intensive and life changing.  I only want women who are 100% committed to it.

Doesn't that sound wonderful? I hope you join us in this challenge. We'd love to have you. --

Follow this link to learn more, and remember, registration closes Jan. 30, 2015!

*I have had so much fun and I have learned so much about style, not to be confused with fashion, and I have gained confidence and peace of mind about my appearance… I want every woman to experience this. I have joined Alison's affiliate program so I can spread the word, in return she shares a percentage of sales with me. You pay no more, I earn a little to add to my clothing allowance. Win win win. Go sign up!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday, December 26, 2014

Kitty potty training - home made device

Kitty Potty Training without spending big bucks on a training device. 

Here is my sweet cat Cheetah, he loves to sleep in my arms when I'm writing.

I've trained my cat to use the toilet but because we've had lots of workers in and out to the house and holiday visitors, he didn't get to use it long enough to make it a habit. For the new year we're starting over.

Note: it is easier to do this if you have an extra toilet that you can dedicated to training. I use the toilet adjacent to my bedroom and I have to take the device out when I need to use the toilet and put it back for the cat.

Here's how I use the device I made. I got the idea off YouTube. There are lots of videos on the subject.

See photos of my device and my cat using it below the text.

Supplies needed:

  • sturdy cardboard big enough to fit over and beyond the toilet bowl
  • plastic trash bag to cover cardboard
  • duct tape to seal edges of plastic around the hole in the cardboard
  • two 48 oz (6 cups) disposable plastic food storage bowls
  • one 14 oz (1.75 cup) disposable plastic food storage bowl
  • FelinePine pellet cat litter
Assembly instructions:
  • Cut a hole in the cardboard so one of the larger bowls will fit in it resting on its lip.
  • Cover the card board with the plastic trash bag and seal the edges around the hole with duct tape. I used white duct tape so it's hard to see it on the photos
  • Cut the bottom off the small bowl. Place it upside down in the second larger bowl and trace the opening of the smaller bowl on the bottom of the larger bowl. You want the smaller bowl to rest on the edge around the hole you cut in the larger bowl. The two together will resemble a bundt cake pan.
Training schedule: (The week-long recommendations are based on my own experience. Others suggest a month for each step. My cat learned pretty fast. He's always used his litter pan even though I've moved it several times.)

Before using the device...

  1. Start with the cat's regular litter box next to the toilet. Start replacing some of the litter with FelinePine litter pellets.
  2. After a week, or when you're sure the cat is used to the location, elevate the litter pan on a sturdy box about half the height of the toilet. Use more of the pellets. Add a lower box if your cat needs a step up.
  3. After a week, or when you're sure the cat is used to the height, raise the litter pan to toilet height. Use all pellets. Leave shorter the box next to the toilet as a step.
Start using the device...
  1. Place the device with the uncut bowl between the toilet bowl and the seat. Upper left picture. Leave the lid up. Note: if your cat likes to drink from the toilet, keep the toilet lid down during the first phase of training so he gets used to not using the toilet as a drinking bowl. Leave the box as a step and a reminder.
  2. After a week, or until you're sure your cat will use the new bowl, take out the first plastic bowl and put in a second one with the bottom cut out, Lower left picture. Place the small bowl top down in the larger bowl (in the lower left photo it is sitting on the side for clarity). Add pellets around the edge. Lower right picture.
  3. After a week, or until you're sure your cat is used to the new arrangement, take out the smaller bowl. Don't use any letter/pellets. Now the waste will go directly into the toilet.
  4. After a week, or until you're sure your cat is used to using the device, remove the device. The cat should now be using the toilet. Remember to keep the lid up, or he may find himself without a place to go and may go on your carpet! I keep a small stool by the toilet for a step up. 
Photos: The picture below right shows Cheetah using the device. He has also used the toilet without the device. He just needs more time and consistency without the interruptions of guests. Hopefully, January will be quiet and he will be trained. He's a bit of a scaredy cat.

Upper left: A piece of cardboard with a hole cut in the middle to fit a plastic storage container, covered with a plastic trashcan liner and taped with white duct tape.
Upper right: about a 1 cup FelinePine litter. If some spills in the toilet it won't harm the plumbing.
Lower left: Second bowl with bottom cut out to fit a smaller bowl, also with bottom cut out. Smaller bowl sitting on the side for clarity.
Lower right: Place second bowl upside down in larger bowl and place pellets around the edge.

Have you had success training your cat to use the toilet? What method did you use? I've seen on YouTube that you can train small dogs to use the toilet, too. Has anyone tried that?