Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Writers/Artists Oasis update, or how I saved $450 on a chic message board

I'm getting antsy to start decorating my Writers/Artists Oasis (office/studio remodel) and construction hasn't even started. The plan is finalized, I'll be handing over my hard earned money for a deposit, then it will start. I hope it's all finished before Thanksgiving as my brother's family will be visiting from Texas.

Meanwhile, I saw this cute bulletin / message board on poterybarn.com Unfortunately, the price is more than I can spend.

This is the 3x3 Made By You Pool Style Tile 2.0 Set from Pottery Barn Teen. I love it, just can't afford it at $449.

I went to Michael's and found similar tiles and a frame. At Staples I got a Martha Stewart Living tile module, which I can change up with attachments that snap in and out easily. The items from Michael's were 50% off, including the frame. I paid about $30 for the whole thing.
My photography isn't so good and the frame isn't exactly like the sample but I'm happy with the result. I may add some turquoise at some point. I could paint one of the cork boards. The waves on the 3x3 above are on a cork board. I prefer the 3x2 size, the 3x3 would be too big for my space. 

How I made it. I laid out the squares the way I wanted upside down, then laid the frame and plexi that came with it over so everything was placed even. I marked on the plexi where to drill holes and drilled through the plexi and the wood frame of each square. Two near the top side, and on centered on the bottom of each square. (Be careful not to drill all the way through, which is something I usually do on projects that call for drilling.) I replaced the backer board on the back of the frame and drilled the holes through it, using the plexi as a guide. I then put spacers, because the screws (6x1 round head screws, you want the kind with threads all the way up) were too long. I used 1/4x1/2 inch balsa wood sticks and drilled through them, through the backer and plexi and into the wood frames (or plastic in the case of the MSL square) or each square. I won't be hanging this board but will have it set on a frame shelf. It's a bit heavy anyway to hang on the hardware that came with the frame. It was an inexpensive frame. The frame has an opening for 23.5x35.5 and a mottled bronzy metal finish with square lines. The Michael's squares are 11.5x11.5 and the MSL panel is almost 12x12, which means I had to do some fudging to fit it in.

I ordered these frame shelves, in 10"x4', 10"x3', 2"x3' and 2"x2' and will use them to prop paintings and objects that I can change around without making more holes in the walls. 

Check out all the beautiful things on my wish list on Pinterest.

Have you found any great organizing idea that would work in a Writers/Artists Oasis?