Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tedious Tuesday

I’m doing tedious things tonight. Making graphics for my web page so the banner shows up well on all browses. I did one for each page, but I won’t be able to test them out until I get to work tomorrow and open my web page on two or three browsers and two platforms.

I was planning to go over the chapter-by-chapter notes from my editor (they look Tedious) but it’s already getting late and I want to finish the book I’ve been reading. A Bride in the Bargain by Deeanne Gist. It’s an historical romance set at the time in 1866 when Seattle was overpopulated with men and one man had the bright idea of offering his services to go back east and collect 500 war widows and orphans. He said it would take him 6 months and the eager men paid $300 each for their unseen bride. Over a year later 25 women arrived (many having abandoned the plan when they docked in San Francisco). Anyway, another plot twist has come up to threaten the hero and heroine’s chances of getting together. I’ve been waiting all day for the chance to sit down and finish.

I also spent the day (those Tedious times at work when the computer takes to long to do its job and my mind looks for something interesting to think about) and I wrote a new tag line, or whatever they’re called, that I put under my name on my banner on my web site. Crikies, my pages are all messed up when I look at them from home. I'll have to rebuild at least two of them. Now that's TEDIOUS! 
And why the font change on this paragraph? Argh.

I'll start the chapter-by-chapter edits tomorrow. Oh shoot, tomorrow I also have to make a pot luck dish for work on Thursday. We have four pregnant ladies in our department, due in Oct., Dec., Jan., and Feb. and someone is finding out what they crave and those items will be added to the pot luck. I'm going to make my own recipe (which means it comes out a little differently each time) of Crock Pot Enchiladas. If it turns out good this time, as it did the last time I made it, I'll share the recipe.

Friday, August 24, 2012


I've had many cats in my life time. All adopted. This one adopted me. He came out of the sagebrush just skin and bones. I don't know where he came from. That was in 2009 when the recession was causing people to leave their homes. Perhaps he was left behind. He's turned out to be a very affectionate cat and not much trouble, most of the time. He definitely earns his keep in snuggles. He doesn't try to wake me too early on my days off (how does he know?), he hasn't left a mess (so far) on the carpet. And why do cats always leave their messes on carpet? Do they think they can bury it? Don't they know it's much easier to clean up the mess if it's on a hard surface floor? 

I named my cat Cheetah because he looked so much like a cheetah when he came to me, so lean and tall. He's a big cat. At 15 lbs he's twice as big and any cat I've had before. He likes to snuggle if I'm sitting in the recliner, but won't sit on my lap if I'm sitting on the sofa. But I think his favorite place to completely relax is between me and my keyboard. It's like having a 15 lb sandbag laying across my arms. It makes typing kinda hard, but he's so sweet I can't kick him off unless I really need to do some typing. 

Last Friday I smelled something unpleasant in the living room. I thought the neighbor must be fertilizing his alfalfa field and I went out to investigate. But no, the air out side smelled wonderfully sweet with the after-thundershower-damp-earth/pine/sage fragrance I’d love to bottle.
Saturday the smell was worse, I remembered that two weeks ago my cat had brought a quail into the house to play with. I wasn't certain that the quail had flown out the slider I had left open for its convenience. I began to pull the furniture away from the walls and ugg! The little quail, it was a teen-ager from this year’s hatchlings, had wedged himself under the base board heater and died. Two weeks ago. Did I say “UGG!”? After disposing of the poor little thing, I had to scrub the carpet and spray some Fabreeze. Next time the cat brings in a toy (this was the second time he brought in a quail, the first one escaped after scattering feathers all over the dining room) I’m going to be sure the critter gets out. I’m usually able to catch what he brings in, they are sort of stunned for the first few minutes, but they tend to wake up and escape my gentle hold. If I'm not at the open door when they do, I have a chase on my hands. This last time I just wasn’t diligent enough.

Has your cat or dog brought home some interesting gifts for you?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tell Tale Tuesday = Here’s a little tidbit from HER SCOTTISH CEO, which I am doing editor’s revisions on now, and plan to publish this fall.

(I didn't plan ahead enough to post this Tuesday morning, now Tuesday is almost over.)

“I still don’t want to go out with you,” she said. “You’re angry and ill tempered and—”
“And you’re not? Have you got something to put over that dress? Wind’s up.”
“All I have is my raincoat. It got soaked and it looks a mess. It’d look stupid over this dress.” Why was he provoking her?
“I’m sure Judy has a cardi you can borrow.” He pushed off from the wall.
“Greg! You can’t go in there, that’s Judy’s room!”
“How can someone so organized at work be so disorganized at home?” His voice came muffled from deep within Judy’s closet. He came out with a sweater a darker plum than Marcie’s dress. “Here, put this on.” He held it up for her. “You’re not as tall as Judy but you’re about the same… er… circumference.”
She put her left arm in then twisted to put in her right. “I can’t. My brace will ruin it if I try to put my arm through.”
He took the sweater off, turned her to face him, gently removed the brace, slipped her arm into the sleeve then put the brace back on over the sweater. His tender, careful touch belied his stormy mood. It made her want to stop this nonsense with the sweater and wrap her arms around him. She’d missed him so much. But she went along with what he wanted to do.
He helped her pull the sweater all the way on then bent to button it. His face was so close to hers it made her dizzy. His woodsy cologne and the outdoorsy scent of his oiled jacket mixed with the clean fragrance of shampoo to produce a heady temptation to run her fingers into his hair and pull him close.
“This looks stupid.” Frustration made her crosser. “Oh, no, it’s cashmere! I can’t wear this. What will Judy—”
He fastened the last button then raised his head, looked at her with an intensity that disorientated her. She wasn’t sure if she moved or he did, maybe they both moved. But they moved in such a way to bring their lips together in a hot, searching kiss. She clung to the damp, stiff fabric of his jacket as she leaned into him, forcing him against the wall. She was so ready to quench the thirst, ease the tension. So ready for his lips on hers again.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Managerial Monday - This is an exciting week. I'm finishing the T&G edits (Typos & Grammar bloopers) of my mss. I should be done with those tonight. Then I'll start the SS edits (story structure) tomorrow. I'm not sure how long that will take as this is the first time I've had a professional editor read any of my mss. I'm aiming for the end of August. Then one more read through, and on to formatting. 

Another exciting prospect. Since I am Indie publishing this mss. I can add extras to my book, and those will be in the form of a couple watercolor paintings I did in Scotland, which in part inspired this story in the first place. 

This week's TO-DOs

1. finish the T&G edits chapters 12-14.
2. start the structure edits. This is where the editor found gaps or inconsistencies in my story line, so now I'll go through and clean those up. 
3. make a formatting outline from the books I recently read about formatting. The Smashwords book,"Smashwords Style Guide" by Mark Coker is a good one. 
4. blog a couple more times this week. I've already got some ideas, including a excerpt, and a cat tail... tale!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Managerial Monday

Managerial Monday – I think Monday is a good day to plan the week and take care of some managerial tasks. This has been working for a group of Indie authors I communicate with. Each Monday we post our goals for the week, the idea being that if you make a list — and especially if you make it public — you’ll get more done than if you don’t make a list at all. At least, that’s how it works for me.
So my Managerial Monday List for the week is:

1)      Work on the revisions from my editor, one chapter each evening. That will be easier now that the Olympics* are finished.
2)      Write up an action list from the notes I took on the last writing-craft book I read. Then follow up on those items. The book is Smart Self-Publishing: Becoming an Indie Author by Zoe Winters, highly recommended.
3)      Straighten the top of my desk for more efficient work… AGAIN!

*The Olympics were wonderful. I love hearing the stories of triumph; overcoming physical and emotional hardships. The athletes are a great example of perseverance, a lesson anyone can apply to their life goals.  Just some of the athletes's stories I'll remember: Gabby Douglas (gymnastics), Missy Franklin (swimming), Oscar Pistorius (track), Tom Daley (diver), David Boudia (diving). 

The rhythmic gymnastics were incredible. I think the in the future the Olympic officials should combine rhythmic gymnastics with volleyball. Did you see what those ladies could do with the ball — in both events!

Is there one particular story that touched you?

Moving Day

I've moved my blog so it is now under my author name. You're welcome to view earlier posts at: earlier posts.