Wednesday, February 6, 2019

DIY MFA 19 02 05

7. Prompt: What's your favorite supporting character archetype, and why?

This was an interesting subject for me. I write contemporary romance with few characters; a Heroine, a Hero, a BFF/Mentor for her and a BFF/Mentor for him. And the various 'towns people' needed to populate a story.

When I first started studying the craft of fiction writing I could never figure out how a romance fit into the protagonist/antagonist framework. The hero isn't the antagonist to the protagonist heroine. So who is he? I just ignored the problem and I guess I made them both protagonists. Not that I'm a stickler for character definitions. 

However, this week Gabriela Pereira explained her theory "

...that every story has one (and only one) protagonist. This means that the job of every other character is to support the main character's development"

I guess I knew this, but I hadn't placed the hero in the supporting character role. I felt he was equal to the heroine. He is, but not in story structure. Now I see him as the "Love Interest" supporting character.

There are five supporting characters: Villain, Love Interest, BFF, Mentor, and Fool. Pereira goes on to say "...not every story needs to include all five of these archetypes. Sometimes you might omit several; other times you can have one character filling multiple different roles." My BFF/Mentors as example.

So, which is my favorite supporting character archetype, and why?

Well, the Love Interest, of course. Without him it wouldn't be a romance and the reader wouldn't be guaranteed a HEA (happy ever after).

Second would be the BFF/Mentor. That covers 3/5ths of the supporting characters. But that's how it works for me.

This has me thinking of ways to edit the opening of my WIP (work in progress), which I have edited several times already. I think I need to switch the scene order to make the hero the supporting character he needs to be. 

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