Friday, February 27, 2015

Ladies, interested in style and how to put together great outfits? How about your man?

I've participated in four style challenges by Alison Lumbatis and they have been well worth the minimal price. And a whole lot of fun. I have turned my wardrobe around. I have fewer pieces but more outfit options. The Spring Challenge is coming up soon! But meanwhile, maybe your man could use some style guidance. Here's a style challenge just for men, but you may have to be the one to participate for him...  …Christy
From Alison:
"Could your guy’s wardrobe use a little help?  I’m willing to guess the answer is yes, and I’d also bet that he’s not a huge fan of shopping. Most men aren’t. Fortunately, the Menswear Basics Boot Camp will make both of you happy by providing a shopping list of the pieces he needs to create the outfits you’ll love!

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