Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Update: The Road to a Writer’s/Artist’s Oasis.

Last month ago I wrote about my “too much stuff” and how I want to make my office/studio into a Writer’s/Artist’s Oasis. I’ve made a lot of progress. I’ve filled the shed and a quarter of the garage with boxes and bags of my stuff. I gave a bunch away, threw a bunch away, and set aside a bunch for a yard sale. I dismantled my drawing table after years and years. It was the first piece of new furniture I ever bought myself, back when I got my first “professional” job, moved into my first apartment, and got my first paycheck. I haven’t decided yet if it will come back into the room. I have a maple dining room table that my mother’s mother bought her when my parent bought their first house before I was born. It has seniority. I think it will be my main art and craft table, instead of having a table for each.

A modular bookshelf my dad made
for me many years ago.
I have a few more pieces of furniture to move out. The last bits are too heavy and will be moved or rearranged by the contractor. Poor guy. The last two bookcases have to be dismantled.

Last week the contractor came by to look at the job and I gave him my wish list. He was supposed to get back to me in a week to give me the quote, but no show so far, 9 days later. He comes highly recommended by a friend who had her small kitchen remodeled. If I accept his quote, or agree to hire him with some things cut back, he can't start until mid October! Argh!

I should get another quote. I’m so bad at that. Someone gives me a quote, I want to get the job done, I accept it.

To give myself motive to get this job done I have purchased some things for the new room. It will be peacock themed. I got these items from

Peacock themed items from Touch of Class

I bought the 2’6”x8 runner size rug. The vase will hold my 25-year collection of peacock feathers that the semi-wild peacocks- that roam my neighborhood –have dropped over the years. They- the birds and their feathers -are directly responsible for my fixation with peacocks. The paintings will go on each side of the large feather painting below, which I bought at Pier 1 (50% off!). I'm going to touch it up with more turquoise and maybe some of the iridescent paint I bought for the pendent.

40" x 40" statement piece from Pier 1.

I found a pendent light at a rummage sale for $5 and decided to peacockify it. I dare not confess how much I spent on the do-dads to decorate it. I call it Flights of Fancy. It’s fun to be purely whimsical when making something. 
Too over the top?

Do you always get more than one quote or estimate when you hire someone? I'm very inexperienced with it. 

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