Thursday, July 10, 2014

Spending summer vaca at Camp NaNo

I’ve joined Camp NaNo for July.

I have one friend in my cabin. Thanks for inviting me, Jenn. And six other writers, from all over the world, whom I’m looking forward to getting to know.

I’m not starting a new novel this month but doing revisions. I found out that when doing revisions you count 1 hour of revisions as 1000 words. This way you’re able to chart your progress the same as those who are putting down new words. So far I’m at 6500 words.

I’m having fun revisiting this novel, FOR RICH OR RICHER. When I first started writing seriously I wrote several novels one after the other. Then I decided I should probably study the art of novel writing. So I have several novels in various degrees of doneness. Two I have since finished, polished, had edited and published. HER SCOTTISH CEO and A DADDY FOR LUKE. The later is from my series COTTONWOOD COUNTY CHRONICLES. The book I’m revising during Camp is also part of the CCC series.

The Synop:Josie stops to help a good-looking man, obviously unaccustomed to crutches, maneuver through the hospital cafe door. She works her way into his life until he discovers he really does need her help. She finds him attractive, but more importantly, she finds being with him is a good way to hide from her past.

 Allen finds Josie weird, quirky, and oddly attractive. But she gets in the way of the architectural job he needs to work on. Asking her to leave, several times, seems to fall on deaf ears. By the time she becomes indispensable to him and his job, he learns her secret. This time, when he asks her to leave, she does.

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