Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday Writers - Distractions & Links

As writers we're supposed to write. As authors we need to be a business. One becomes a distraction for the other. Lately I've been very distracted by the latter. I've been studying every thing from blogging to branding, building a platform to taxes.

All the while holding back on a new story that has me excited to write. So how do I schedule, shuffle, juggle all these elements of my business? I took a class on goal setting and time scheduling. I got it all down on paper, but I'm having trouble sticking to it. Whatever I'm working on or studying at the moment seems to be the most important; I have to figure it out, I have to learn how to do it.

Or am I using it to postpone doing other thinks I should be doing? Like the lists and steps on my goal chart.

This is the place where I ask, "Is there another me to do this clerical stuff that I don't really want to do, so I can write my new story, or better yet, finish a half dozen others?"

Well, she doesn't exist, except in me and how I manage my time.

That aside, in my search to build my business I've found some interesting sites that are of use to authors who want to learn more about promotion, platform, and building a business.

Here are a few links you might find interesting. They all have something to sell but they also give freely advice based on their own experiences. Some are authors, all are entrepreneurs. Some have built amazingly successful business from next to nothing. Explore and see if there are answers to some of your questions. But don't get distracted!

Michael Hyatt

Can you recommend some sites that have helped you with the business side of writing?

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