Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday Writers Tip... Enjoy the holiday season

Woven scarf I knit last winter.
Monday night I finished two knitting projects and got them in the mail yesterday morning on my way to work. Probably a 20 minute wait in line at the post office. The knitwear is on its way across country and if it gets there on time, it will then wing its way across the pond to the UK in my friend's capable care. 

When the weather gets cold... (1 degree F overnight last week) and we get snow... (only 2") but it stays on the ground for over a week because of the cold... then I get in the mood to knit. Unfortunately, I'm not all that good at it. I made four pairs of fingerless gloves and still haven't made a pair without some little glitch. Luckily, the little mistakes aren't too noticeable. And the luxury yarns, like Baby Llama, make up for a wrong stitch or two. And the recipients are appreciative and impressed with my "talent". 

Even though I get a little frustrated with trying to figure out a pattern, or fix a mistake, I do find knitting relaxing. I consider it the retirement part of my semi-retirement. 

I'm learning new techniques with each project. I'm stretching myself picking projects a little more complicated than the last. 

I try to do the same with my writing. I pick a situation for my characters that will challenge them and me. I give them conflict that I have to write them through. And I find it just as fun and relaxing as knitting. However, revisions, like ripping out stitches, is frustrating. But it, too, is a learning experience.

What is your favorite winter pass time? Do you live where it snows, or where the sun glows? 

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