Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday Writers Tips… T‘N’T

When I was young, around eight or ten, I participated in a program called the Character Research Project. Each day – I don’t remember for how long, it seemed like all summer, but it was probably just a week or two – we did a different lesson designed to teach us life skills. I don’t remember much about the lessons except for one. T‘N’T. That one made an impression on me that has helped me in my creative endeavors ever since.

So, what exactly is T‘N’T? It stands for Time and Talent. The theory goes that if you have a lot of talent, you don’t need much time to be successful. However, if you have less talent, with time you can still be successful. Whether it’s learning to knit a lace stitch, completing a watercolor painting without muddy colors, or writing a book, with the right amount of Time and Talent you can accomplish your goals.

The thing is, most people have more time than they have talent. You may find yourself in the position where you’re more talented than your peers, but not as talented as those who shoot to the top seemingly overnight.

Next time you read about an instant star and wish you could have instant success, too, remember T‘N’T. Give yourself enough time to balance the scales in your favor. Use your time to learn, explore, and practice. Have patience. You may not rise to the top as soon as you wish, but you’ll go farther than if you just sat back and wished you had more talent.

~ Christy

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