Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday Writers Tips... Those who can, do. Those who can't, learn.

You remember the old saying: Those who can, do. Those who can't teach. 

Maybe that works in some arenas but in the great community of writers at our fingertips, it's not true at all. There are so many writers out there paying it forward, sharing what they've learned by experience and from other writers.

There's no excuse for not learning how to be a better writer. If you really want to improve your skills,  go looking for the 'teachers' out there.

There are several blogs I follow. In no particular order here are some to explore.

Are you struggling with one manuscript? Can't let it go? But want to move on?
 Why My First 5 Novels Are Locked in a Closet by Jody Hedlund discusses how those first novels are often "practice" and how a writer grows with each new novel.

Looking for a one-stop site with articles about the novel process from Idea to Sell? 
The Other Side of the Story by Janice Hardy has over 500 articles on writing fiction. Pick one that addresses your current concerns. For instance Premise & Theme, Point of View, Critiques & Feedback.

Looking to connect with other authors and their process? There are any number of sites where members and guests share. 
Creating Your Fictitious Town by Kim Watters not only gives advice on creating your fictitious town/world, but also gives a chatty glance into her world as a writer.

Looking for help fleshing out your characters and settings? 
The Bookshelf Muse has been collecting and publishing comprehensive descriptions for Emotions, Physical Attributes, Character Traits, Weather and Earthly Phenomena, Colors Textures and Shapes. See the top of the side bar for the collections published as ebooks or paperback. Below them, in the side bar are links to descriptions not yet collected into books. You can download Emotion Amplifiers for free.

Looking for a place where writers help writers?
The Bookshelf Muse is now an archived static site (still worth bookmarking as a reference site) and the members have moved to a new site with an appropriate name: Writers Helping Writers, where they will have more room to grow. I'm looking forward to exploring the new site.

These are just of few of the sites I've found in my search to learn more about the craft of writing.

But beware! You don't want to spend all your time reading about writing instead of writing!

Do you have favorite GO TO blogs or web sites that you return to again and again while crafting your novel writing skills?

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