Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday Writers Tips... After you publish your Indie book, what comes next?

There are a slew of How-To Books about Indie Publishing out there. I came across one focused specifically on what to do after you publish your book. It is targeted to the "...unknown self publisher with their first or second indie book." It takes you step-by-step through actions you can take to promote your book.

The First Ten Steps by M.R. Mathias.
(available in eBook and Paper Back)

The first two steps are actually reminders of what you should do before you publish: Step One / A Good Book, discusses writing the best book you can.

"If you want to succeed as an author without big money publishing behind you, laying the foundation for yourself and your first book is one of the most important things you can do. Lay the ground work properly, and you can build a rock solid platform."

Step Two / Look at your Book Cover, discusses the importance of a good cover. "...the cover doesn't have to be great, just a good, traditional looking book cover."

Step Three / My good book, with its good cover is uploaded. What do I do now? This starts the section with lots of tips and info for building your platform.

There's one tip in Step Three that is worth more than the cost of this book, though at this time it's listed for only $2.99 (for the ebook on Amazon). Back to the tip:

First, you make a text or word file called "Link File". Copy and paste the links to your books "sell pages" in there. This will be a handy reference when making tweets and posting about your book. 

I've taken this tip several steps further. I call the file My Links. Besides listing my buy links I also list my social network links, QR codes, links to interviews (author and character) as a guest on other's blogs, links to my YouTube Trailer, links to author pages, ISPNs & ASINs, links to free reads and sample chapters. I also have several versions of my author bio (different sites have different character lengths that you are allowed), several versions of my book descriptions (as with the bio, different sites have different character length requirement). Now that I have three books published I'm thinking I'll have to divide my document. One with social media and general links, then one for each of my books. That's another To Do.

In MSWord I give each section a 'headline style', then turn on the 'document map', which makes it easier to find what I'm looking for.

I'm not sure how to attach a doc to this blog, but if you go to my website you can download a FREE template in Word 97-2004+ which you can fill in with your links. FREE DOWNLOAD.

Back to The First Ten Steps, Mathias goes on to list social media and what you can do with it, how to find readers, how to grow your followers, how to use hashtags (#) effectively. He discusses giveaways, contests, and blog advertising. He also discusses what he's tried that hasn't worked for him.

Lot's of helpful info in this little book.

For more helpful writers craft books visit my bookshelf.

~ Christy

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