Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday Writers Tips - What to DO when your computer DON'T

I took my computer to the shop and left it there. That was a 55 mile trip ONE WAY, that I left work early for so I could get there before they closed. I was hoping they could diagnose it then and there, but I guess not. I left a deposit even though they have my computer - "In case you decide it's not worth fixing." I'll hear back by Thursday, hopefully. That will be a week that I've been without my most addicting crutch - it's right up there with snack foods. Eek!

Besides trying to work on my mom's machine I've thought of some other things I can do while I wait.

Things to DO when your computer DON'T:

1. Listen to audio lectures on writing and take notes on action items.
I recently downloaded several audio lectures from the RWA Conference on to my iPod Touch. I listened to several about indie marketing.

2. Read trade magazines. 
My RWR arrived over the weekend and I read it with highlighter in hand. BTW, Sharpie makes a great liquid highlighter.

3. Read writers craft books or books about how writers live and work. 
I just started Don't Quit Your Day Job, Acclaimed Authors and the Day Jobs They Quit, Edited by Sonny Brewer. Look for a future blog about this engaging book.

4. Plan your ideal computer set up, or plan your most efficient work space, or plan a remodel of you 'office' to be the ideal writer's retreat. I.e., daydream a little.
I tossed a bunch of old photos and negatives, which made a small dent in all the stuff that clutters my office/studio/crafts room. I hope to get rid of years of unfinished projects, or left overs from projects long ago to make my writing space more comfortable and efficient.

5. Brainstorm your next mss on graph paper.

6. Read a book from the bottom of your TBR pile. 

7. Reorganize your TBR pile and reacquaint yourself with the reasons you bought those books in the first place. 

8. Fume and fret and expect withdrawal symptoms.
My symptoms are to wander around the house aimlessly wondering what to do. I wander right past the laundry basket, past the cat box, past piles of catalogs that come in the mail everyday, past the mixed up recycling bins.

9. Give thanks, be grateful for a 'forced holiday' from the computer.
I also spent time reading for pleasure.

10. Go shopping. 
I posted a photo on Facebook Saturday of the items I bought at a local antique mall. Besides the computer problems, we've been living under a plume of smoke from the Rim Fire 200 miles SW, right in line with our prevailing winds, for over a week. Can anyone say: SAD? And my cat has been sick for a couple of months and needs another steroid shot, but the vet was closed for the holiday.
Saturday winds had carried the smoke to the east for most of the day and going out, seeing the mountains again, breathing clear air and shopping helped to lift my spirits.

I've got a few days or maybe another week without my computer.
Can you add some ideas, writer related, to DO when your computer DON'T?

RWA - Romance Writers of America
RWR - Romance Writers Report  official magazine of RWA
TBR - To Be Read
SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder


  1. Christy, I'm sorry to hear about your continued computer woes. I would be so lost without one (YIKES!) Good thing you have your Mom's as a backup. I hope the smoke from the Rim Fire clears out soon and all works out for your little feline (saw his gorgeous pic on Facebook).

    As for a list of things to do when your computer DON'T, here's mine:

    1. Create a list of character names for use in future stories
    2. Clean out your office, desk or work space (kind of ties in with your #4)
    3. Make a collage of all the bookmarks you've collected over the years
    4. Snip pics from magazines that provide inspiration for current or future WIPS
    5. And yes--shop!!! One of my favorite pastimes :)

  2. Hi Mae, those are good suggestions, too. Thanks!