Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday Writers Tips - Planning to write a novella

Today I'd like to share a writers tip or two from a short book full of great advice. And it's free!

The book is: Writing Romance Novellas by Susanna Carr.

It discusses the definition of a novella, planning and plotting, writing novella collections and shortcuts to writing novellas.
Today's tip is from Section 2: Planning Your Novella. I used these two tips in my current wip novella.

Storyline Tips* Make it easier on yourself and tell a story where the main characters already know each other. Establishing a relationship takes a lot of pages, and you want to use the 100 pages to deepen and test the connection between the hero and heroine.
* Consider having the hero already in love with the heroine (or vice versa), and then the story gives more time to show the other character’s journey of falling
in love.
You can read this book on the web site or download it to read on a mobile device.

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