Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday - My First Leisurely Day Semi-Retired

Now wait, you say, yesterday you were retired and today you are semi-retired. What gives?

After announcing my retirement a few weeks ago, my boss asked if I would like to continue to "help out". After a few meetings and negotiations I agreed to do that -- doing the same job basically, only closer to home, three days a week/20hours. Working at the local office where I started 21 years ago. People have come and gone and come back and four of the people I worked with all those years ago are there now, too. It's like old home week.

Today, my first day, I came in early at 9:45 -- it's hard to call that early when I used to get up at 6 to be at work in the city by 7:15 -- I wanted to make sure my work station had been transferred ok, and all my programs worked. I knew I'd have to sort out the "storage" items that had accumulated in the area, too. I got everything situated and started work around 10:30. At 4:45 I realized it was time to leave. So, I guess the day went by pretty quickly, even though my computer was working a bit slowly. And, frustratingly, it wouldn't do some functions.

The day went well, but this evening my thoughts are for my cat who has developed another health issue to add to six weeks of recovery/relapse. He's such a sweet, loving cat who adopted my five years ago next month. I don't think he could be older than six or seven. He's too young to be sick. My mother is really up set, Cheetah has been good company for her while I'm at work. Research on the 'net says there can be several reasons for his symptoms as well as several outcomes. Guess I'll be making another visit to the vet. $$$. Good thing I still have a job!

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