Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday: My First Leisurely Day of Retirement

Today is my first day of RETIREMENT! -- -- (Tomorrow is my first day of semi-retirement. More on that later in the week.) -- -- This is what I had planned for today: I'd get up at 8. (No more getting up at 6 on work days!) I'd leisurely fix myself a nice Nutritarian breakfast, have a nice leisurely cup of tea. Then I'd go out to my home office and work on the revisions my editor sent back to me last month!

This is what really happened: I got up at 8:15 (not bad for a night person), showered, put a load of wash in the machine, sat at the breakfast table and leisurely read Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. (the program I want to follow now that I'm retired and have more time) and looked up what I could have for breakfast. Fruit.

Dear Mother (DM) came in then and fixed herself some breakfast (cottage cheese with chopped home-grown tomatoes) and coffee. She chatted as I read more about what I could fix for breakfast. Then, just as I had decided what to fix, she started emptying the dishwasher. She puts away what she can reach, then leaves the rest for me.

For breakfast I fixed: 1 med chopped apple, 1 T currents, 1 t ground fax seed (will increase gradually to 1 T/day), and the juice of one fresh orange. I let it sit so the flax and currents could soften in the juice. While waiting, I finished putting away the dishes.

I made a nice cup of white tea and sat and leisurely wrote down the guidelines of Eat to Live as DM chatted. Then she said, "Would you like to clean out the refrigerator today?"
Why do parents do that? They teach you not to lie then they ask you questions you have to answer with a lie if you want to keep the peace. 
I'm thinking: What the hay! My first day of retirement and I gotta clean the fridge? Because, of course, I can't say, "No, I already have plans to work on my revisions."

So, I cleaned out the fridge. I didn't just wipe down the shelves with baking soda, as DM asked. I took every shelf out and scrubbed it at the sink. (Background: I moved in with my parents so they could stay independent in their own home and I could save on rent. Dad died almost two years ago now, so it's me and mom and the cat.)

Half way through cleaning the fridge I was getting hungry. I sat and leisurely enjoyed my fruit bowl (it was actually really good with the orange juice on it) and leisurely read my current book Septimus Heap - Book One - Magyk by Angie Sage, an entertaining fantasy. I finished the fridge, then cleaned up the kitchen. It's now 12:45 and I'm just sitting down to do my revisions. Except first I have to blog about My First Day of Retirement.

Those of you who have dieted, read about dieting, or listened to a friend complain about dieting will know that the first few days can be hard on your system. Your stomach will protest by pounding on your brain, saying, "I don't know what to do with all this fresh veg and fruit." I started, or maybe I should say re-started the program (because I've been sort of, but not really, following it for over a year) on Saturday and I've lost 4 lbs. That's encouraging.

I had to share this day with those of you who are younger and looking forward to retirement. It isn't always what you imagine. So far...

I still have a lot of My First Day of Retirement to go and I plan to do whatever comes up in a leisurely manner.


  1. Thanks for keeping me entertained, LOL. I hope the rest of the day unfolded in that leisurely manner you were hoping for.

    First, congrats on the first day of your retirement. Despite that it wasn't exactly as you planned, I will still take it over a day at the office any time. I can't wait until I can say I'm retired!!

    Congrats on the 4 lbs you've lost. I hate breaking into a new nutrition program. There are always those up/down obstacles at the start, but I am a veggie person under normal circumstances. Just not so much fruit!

    I'll cross my fingers the revisions went/go well. Tomorrow is another day to have fun and leisurely relax in your retired world :)

  2. Congratulations Christy! Your first day of retirement sounds wonderful to me. I look forward to my time which I hope will be next October.

  3. Gigi Mae and Alicia, thanks for your comments.

    I did get to my revisions, and tackled them in a leisurely way. I read through the editor's four and a half pages of notes, then started the line by line corrections. When I get through the 200 pages of those I'll start the story revisions.

    Tomorrow I'll blog about my first day of semi retirement... Hum...

  4. Gigi?? Blame it on the iPod Touch mini keyboard, auto correct, no glasses and 11:30pm. It was supposed to say "Hi"!