Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Writers Tips - Authorpreneurs

I consider my self an aspiring Authorpreneur. Someone who builds a business around their writing. I write, format, design and publish books. But I don't do it all myself. I have a beta reader, a professional editor and a proofreader. And a world-wide web full of tutors.
I like having control of my product. And I like, at my age, not having to wait five, ten, twenty years for traditional publication.
With this comes responsibility. Responsibly to my readers to produce the best books I can. To do that I study and research not only for my current manuscript, but also the craft of writing, publishing and marketing.
Tonight's book is Becoming an Authorpreneur - Navigating A 21st-Century Career in Publishing by Kris Tualla.
If you're considering becoming an Indie Author or have already joined the club, or you are traditionally published looking for ways to promote your brand, this book has a lot of information for you.
Part One defines an Authorpreneur, discusses options, covers product quality, and social media.
Part Two covers options for publishing your book.

Here is Ms. Tualla's definition of an Authorpreneur:

An Authorpreneur is an author who actively promotes their brand through a variety of outlets such as:
  • websites, blogs and social media,
  • promotional materials both in print and on line, 
  • opportunities to speak,
  • generating media coverage,
  • teaching other authors in person or online, 
  • making in-person connections with readers,
  • creating a unique business plan to facilitate their product and their career.
But an Authorpreneur isn't necessarily an independent author.
She goes on to say:
Which authors today should consider themselves an authorpreneur?
The answer is simple: ANY author publishing through ANY publisher, through ANY format, and through ANY outlet, must consider themselves in business for themselves.

I have a nice collection of writers' craft books on all these subjects. I'm also a sharing person, I guess you could say I like to help others answer their questions. When I find a nugget that helps clarify something for me, I'm sure it will help someone else, too.

Authorpreneurs and other books on my bookshelf.

I have the paperback edition of this book.


  1. Thanks, for the recommendation, Christy. I really need to get a good craft book on Indie publishing. I think I have a good handle on the promotional end, but I'd like to educated myself in all that is involved in the others. It sounds like at least half of this book addresses those concerns!

  2. Hi Mae, I have several things flagged that I plan to implement. Some I have already done. It's also where I got the idea to do an anthology!