Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday Writer's Tips - Web content

Want to optimize your web site's chance to reach the top of  Search Engines and reach more readers?

When I first saw this book, How To Write Great Website Content by Daniel D. Kaplan, I thought it was about writing articles to sell to web sites like writing articles to sell to magazines. Not that at all. It's a treasure trove of information on how to write content for your own web site and how to write it to come in high on the search engines, capture readers, and increase leads, sales or donations.

I've been taking notes and studying, there's so much to digest. Mr. Kaplan explains how Search Engines work and how to optimize you web site's content to fit with the algorithms. Well, that's a bit technical for me, but I get the idea and I'm going to make some changes to my own web site. He discusses keywords and phrases, relevancy, and meta tags. Also covered are the ways we read a web site compared to a brochure, and your web site shouldn't just be a pretty brochure for your business or organization, it should offer a solution, benefits and features.

The advice is geared to a general audience; businesses, services, non-profits, organizations. Anyone can take this information and apply it to their own web site.

The piece of advice I'd like to share from this book is:

"This is Not About YouYou may think you are writing about your organization, your service, your product, but that's not what's going through the reader's mind when they're on the web. They're thinking about THEMSELVES. They are looking for an organization, product or service that will address THIER issues, THEIR needs, and take away THEIR pain."

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Happy May Day!


  1. That's right, Christy! The content of your website plays a great part in creating traffic for your website. You must know what to put inside your page so that that particular page won't be wasted. Remember, you are paying for web hosting. Interesting web content, plus the use of other social media marketing strategies, increases your business' chances in getting more exposure on the web. That way, you will get more audience, which means higher chances of converting them to customers. There are many firms today that can help you with this. An excellent SEO plan will surely take your website to the top of search engines.

    Darryl Tay

    1. Hi Darryl, thanks for stopping by. You are so right. I'm learning more more every day that I can apply to my authorpreneurship and I want to share it with others.