Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday Writers' Tips - Online Promotion for Authors review

Here's a little gem and it's FREE. Online Promotion For Authors - a How-to book by Susanna Carr has great ideas that authors can implement in their promotional efforts. I found the first section about online press kits really interesting. This is something I hadn't thought of, but something I will do.

This excerpt is from the conclusion of that section:

If you want your press kit to cater to all of these audiences [sales managers, agents, editors, conference coordinators and publicists], consider which group is the most important to you and add the relevant facts at the top. Most authors don't have all of these features because their professional goals don't include working with the media or public speaking. Think about what you want to achieve with the press kit and keep it ruthlessly edited and updated. 
The booklet goes on to discuss social media and ways to use it for promotion, or just interacting with future readers and fans. There are more free down loads at the bottom of the book's page.

Free online read or down load PDF.

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