Saturday, May 11, 2013

Roasted Cauliflower with Creamy Ranch Sauce recipe review

Recipe Review - Roasted Cauliflower with Creamy Ranch Sauce

I meant to post this earlier today but I got caught up in spring cleaning the covered patio at the back of the house. It gets so much dirt and old leaves blown by the wind and we get a lot of wind. Also, some free range peacocks in the area like the shade and shelter of the patio and although they are remarkable birds, they do leave a lot of poop on the cement. I took the winter covers off the patio furniture and fire pit and moved them all out, then hosed everything down: ceiling, walls, windows, doors, chairs, rugs, tables and especially the cement floor. Now the patio is ready for summer, but I'm sure I'll be sweeping it a few more times before my DB and SIL come to visit in August.

Back to the recipe. I give it 4 stars. It was very good and savory, which I am craving now a days. I had to make some changes to the ingredients. I thought I had some chicken stock in the fridge but I didn't so I replaced it with water. When I looked closer at the Hidden Valley light ranch dressing I saw that it was way past the use-by date. I've been using Hidden Valley Spicy Ranch for a while now. So I substituted the Hidden Valley with Kraft light ranch. I don't think the Kraft tastes as good as the HV, but it still made a good dish. I served it over instant brown rice because I forgot to cook up some rice in the rice cooker. I'm not the most organized cook. I also served a green salad. I also used about 3/4 of a large head of cauliflower, which came to 5 cups.

The original recipe makes 4 servings, but since I used less cauliflower mine made 3 servings, or maybe that's because I went back for seconds! It was tasty.

Here are the counts.
1 serv (out of 3)

Cal 213
Fat 15.2
     Sat fat 1.5
Sodium 531.6
Carbs 18.3
     Fib 3.6
     Sugars 5.2
Protein 3.6

Low calorie but high fat even though it uses light dressing. I would make this again. I think I would use less veg oil and maybe try seasoning it with the powdered ranch seasoning mix to cut down on the fat.

I have another recipe for 'fried rice' made from cauliflower. It's a family favorite. I think I posted that recipe last year. I may post it again. I've also had mashed 'potatoes' made from cauliflower that were very good.

What's your favorite way to use cauliflower?

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