Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday Writing Tips - Social Media

[Wednesday Writing Tips is a day I post something from my library of writers’ craft books. My HOW TOs. It’s a way to make myself delve into my books and get some use from them. I pick something relevant to what I’m working on at the time and pull a tip from the book.] 

I've finished revisions of A DADDY FOR LUKE (Summer 2013) and will send it off to my editor. I'm taking a few days off from writing before getting back to my novella wip, and trying to learn more about Social Media. So that's the subject of today's Writing Tips. Maybe it should be Wednesday Writing and Promotion Tips.

Social media puzzles the heck outta me. And I know it's an important tool for promotion, especially for indie authors. So I was happy when I saw the announcement on Savvy Authors Web site of the publication of Annie Seaton's book Promotional Tips and Tricks for Aspiring Writers in a Digital Landscape.

The following excerpt deals with blogging. Annie Seaton gives advice and tips for getting the most from your blog.

Many people blog and many authors blog, however you need to have a clear understanding of why you blog. A clear objective must drive all of your posts. Many [authors] who blog, believe it is not for promoting their books.
I would agree to a certain extent. A blog is not the right place for blatant promotion; however it is a mechanism for building your brand, which in turn will promote your books. 

Building your brand is woven through the book tying several types of social media together.

She lists the challenges of a blog and gives advice for each one.
      Some challenges of a blog are:

  1. Keeping your blog up to date.
  2. Standing out in a crowd
  3. Publicizing your blog
  4. Show passion for your craft

Blogs are only one of the social media she covers in her Tips and Tricks. She not only discusses ways to use different social media, but also how to combine them for effectiveness. It's a short book, to the point and without unnecessary fluff, so it won't take away too much time from your writing and promotion schedules. Annie Seaton includes lots of links with her examples.

There is quick buy link to the right, or check out my list of helpful books on my Web site.  (Oops. The link didn't post. Should show up now.)

Visit Annie Seaton

Dyanne Davis interviews Christy Olesen

Are you a Social Media mogul or scardy cat? What's your best triumph or your biggest hurdle?


  1. Hi, Christy! Social media is definitely a hot topic for authors. My platforms of choice are my blog (my favorite), followed by Twitter. The one I just can't seem to come to terms with is Facebook. I continue to try but FB just feels like such a huge vacuum of time!

  2. Hi Mae, Twitter baffles me. I think I'll concentrate on that first. I just got the mobile app for Twitter and also Pages, which handles Facebook. I like the way they work. I'm going back through the book now to check out each suggestion and link.

  3. I found Annie's book choc-full of easy to follow tips and tricks, just as the title claims. It can be read in a single sitting, but referred to when needed.

    Twitter seems pointless to me atm, and it's probably the one I'll leave until last, whereas FB, if you ration your time on it, seems to have connected me to more people. But my preferred platform is my blog. Currently, I host guest authors every Sunday. I also have my own (less frequent) blog in which I write about a range of aspects, from slang usage to travel inspiration. Love my blogs!

  4. Hi Susanne, thanks for stopping by. Yes, Twitter is a puzzle. I just went to post an announcement for a character interview and it's down. Wow, I bet some IT guys are scrambling to fix it.

  5. Hi Christy, I'm still trying to get the hang of Twitter. All I do on Facebook is read from the news stream. I'm just not talkative enough for either social program. I love blogging but have periods when I don't have anything to say. I think I'll pick up the book by Anne Seaton. See if it helps me out. Great post, btw.