Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coming out of the writers' closet

I recently went to a birthday party where I got to catch up with some old friends and workmates. Since I've been writing seriously, I've only told a handful of people about it. But since I've been published and the article about my book came out in the local newspaper, I've been getting the questions. Like these (I'll include my answers):

  • Q: Do you set aside a specific time to write? Like 8 to 9 in the morning? 
  • A: I usually write between 8 and 10 (or 12) at night. I'm most creative in the evenings. 
  • Q: Are you making enough money to quit your day job?
  • A: Sure! Well, no. I haven't made back my expenses yet. But it's only been a few weeks.
I'll add to this as they come. I'd like to keep track of them. 

Meanwhile, come over to Mae Clair's blog for my interview and excerpt. 

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