Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why we read romance

Why do we read romance? I read it for the happy ending. Why invest my time and emotions in watching a relationship grow only to have it clobbered by a tragic ending? With the romance genre, I know what the ending will be, it's the journey I love; the how they get together.

I watched a holiday romance on Netflix yesterday that really had me guessing. The movie was Holiday in Handcuffs (TV PG, 2007) staring Melissa Joan Hart as Trudie, Mario Lobez (the dimple poster boy) as David, Timothy Bottoms and Markie Post as Trudie's parents, and June Lockhart as "don't call me Grandma."

What had me guessing? Trudie's boyfriend Nick breaks up with her the day they're suppose to leave to go to a cabin in the woods and have Christmas with her family. He breaks up with her in the middle of the restaurant where she works. Distraught, Trudie picks up the 18th century gun her boss has on display and kidnaps the first guy to come down the hall to the restrooms. She takes David to the cabin in the woods and introduces him to her family as Nick.

So, not only am I wondering how she gets away with kidnapping, a federal offense, but how does he forgive her, and how do they end up falling in love for their happy ending?

Of course, I'm not going to spoil it. I'll just say there's a lot of fun and antics getting to the end.

The Hallmark channel shows a lot of Christmas romances every year. My favorite is The Christmas Card which is airing next Saturday 12/22 at 8pm.

The Christmas Card - Moved by an anonymous Christmas card sent to the front lines of Afghanistan, lonely career militarist Captain Cody Cullen travels to the small town of Nevada City to meet the card's sender, Faith Spelman. Stars Ed Asner, John Newton, and Alice Evans.
Among the classic holiday movies I like are Christmas in Connecticut, Desk Set, Shop Around the Corner, White Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life.
What are your favorite new and/or classic holiday romance movies?


  1. I love Hallmark romances, especially those with Christmas stories. I remember one with John Denver I really enjoyed but I can't recall the name of it, it was made so long ago.

    For me, the ultimate Christmas movie is A Christmas Carol. It doesn't matter who is in the role of Scrooge (although I remember Patrick Stewart doing a really good job), just as long as the story gets told. I can watch that one over and over!

    1. HI Mae, I remember that John Denver movie you're thinking of. About a developer going to a small town in Colorado intent on building a bunch of condos.

      There's a old version of a Christmas Carol that I've seen so many times that I noticed a stage hand reflected in one of the mirrors!

  2. Ack -- am I the only person alive who's never seen A Christmas Carol in any form? I must make a point of watching it.

  3. You must be. The Patrick Stewart one is very good. The one Christy is referring to is (I think) the George C. Scott one. (or maybe not...1984 is not that old. I thought it was older than that.) And, not to be omitted is my personal favorite, the Muppet one with Kermit as Bob Cratchit and Michael Caine as Scrooge. Well worth the price of admission! That's the one my kids grew up with, my son got selected for a talent show in third grade singing "Bless Us All" from that film.

    1. I will make a note to look those up and watch when I get time.

  4. The movie I was referring to is a really old movie from the '30s or '40. I don't remember who was in it. Bjlope, Joanie said it was her favorite version. I wonder if she's ever seen what I saw. There's this one scene where if you're watching for the first time your attention is on the actors. But if you've seen it before your eyes wanter around the 'set', at least mine do, and there's a mirror on the wall. For a moment an man's head and shoulders appear, he sees the camera and ducks away.

    There's a scene in Star Wars, the first one, where the light hits R2D2 just right and you can see the guy inside. Again, this is the kind of thing you notice when you've seen the movie a few times and your eyes begin to wander, looking for new stuff.