Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Final formatting push

Warning: technical talk from a graphic artist turned Authorpreneur. 

I'm working evenings and weekends trying to get my formatting done for my POD (print on demand) version of HER SCOTTISH CEO. I'd like to get it up in time for Christmas shoppers, but I'm cutting it close.

Since I lost the use of my Word2004 and Photoshop CS2 with my seemingly innocent system upgrade... (watch out for those mountain lions. It's a great OS but be sure to research before upgrading.)  I found a less expensive version of Word2011 and to replace PS I found GIMP a free/shareware program. The learning curve hasn't been bad. Since I've been using photoshop for 15+ years, the only thing I have to learn with GIMP is which icon does what. There have been some frustrating moments when it hasn't worked exactly as PS does, but I found that actually looking the problem up in the manual helps. Go figure. And GIMP works faster on my new system than PS did on my old system. 

I had to reformat the interior illustrations to 300dpi, which took two days, and replace them on the pages. Now I'm working on the cover. There are several layers and I was nearly done when I realized that the template had shrunk when I imported it and I didn't notice until I put on the back copy blurb and it was 2pt. 

Now it's midnight and I have to get up at 6am, so I better close this marvelous, sometimes frustrating machine, and go to bed. 

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  1. Sounds like head-banging time -- for me, at least. I just started using Photoshop a few months ago and haven't really gotten accustomed to it. I'd say it doesn't strike me as user-friendly, but then, when the user would rather be thumbing through old yellowed photographs or writing with a fountain pen on a legal pad, it's really me that not's program-friendly.

    Good luck with getting it all together!