Thursday, December 13, 2012

256 Shades of Gray

I couldn't pass up that headline! But this isn't about that book. It's about my recently published novel, Her Scottish CEO. I just made it available through CreateSpace. My book is illustrated with 17 original watercolor paintings done on location in the Scottish Highlands. They look gorgeous on my Nook Color, and even on my little-screened iPod Touch. But to produce the trade paperback in color would have tripled the price. So the interior illustrations in the paperback are in shades of gray or grayscale as it's known in graphic artists' speak. The illustrations still look great and translate well into black and white.

I'm thinking of offering readers a choice of b&w or color. The reader could decided which they want, how much they're willing to pay for full color, or save by buying b&w. I've left a question about this with customer service at CreateSpace and I hope it works out.

Would you pay more for a trade paperback (5.5x8.5, 200 pages) with full color illustrations at the beginning of each chapter?


  1. Honestly, I probably wouldn't. The illustrations look gorgeous but, to me, it's the story that matters. If there are illustrations included that's a nice bonus, but having them in b&w is fine since it's the story I'm buying the book for. Hope that makes sense!

    1. Mae, you're right. My artist side was taking over there for a moment. I decided to make the full color available and let people decide. I have one friend who wants the full color, her husband is going to buy it for her for Christmas.

  2. Only if the illustrator was an established artist whose work I have admired for years! If you hadn't done them I wouldn't care about the pictures. And I must confess that watercolor is part of the appeal. I probably wouldn't pay the extra if they were oils or acrylics. I find watercolor a fascinating medium and I want to see the possibilities in the paintings.

  3. Either way, the work is beautiful. I haven't read a book with illustrations in years (other than kids' books). I love the idea.

  4. Marilyn, thanks for stopping by!

    Hi "B"!