Saturday, November 17, 2012


Finally, my book HER SCOTTISH CEO is on Kindle! Yea!!

I also uploaded my 1976 hand-lettered and hand-drawn booklet Pet Rock Sex Manual, A Parody! It's a hoot. 

Next, I'll get both on-line for Nook, etc., and HSCEO in paperback.

I've worked around the computer problems that happened when I upgraded my system and didn't know some of my vital programs wouldn't work with it. Note to me: research before upgrading anything. I love the new OS, just wish I'd learned before hand what I would lose. I'm trying GIMP in place of Photoshop. So far it does what I need it to do.

I've let a few friends and family know my news and today I'll send out more announcements via FB and Twitter. I made my Author's page on Kindle and I'll make one on Goodreads and Nook. Then maybe I can get back to actual writing. I'll have more time for that now that winter weather is approaching and I don't need to spend so much time saving the landscaping from the drought.

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