Sunday, October 7, 2012

When Opportunity Knocks...

They say to be ready when opportunity knocks.

I joined Twitter recently and although I'm not real sure how to navigate it, I did figure out how to follow quite a few people. I happened to open Twitter when Angela James, editor at Carina Press, tweeted about a submission opportunity at Carina Press this week. Submission. And I just happen to have a mss ready to submit. A DADDY FOR LUKE is the first story in my COTTONWOOD COUNTY CHRONICLE series. I had synopsis, query and mss ready. I read thru them all and made any needed changes and sent it all off Sunday afternoon. This opportunity includes feedback and a turnaround time of 6 weeks. Getting THE CALL would be the best scenario in this opportunity, but getting feedback is valuable, too. And everyone will get feedback. Not everyone will get the call.  In six weeks I'll report on the outcome.

On the home front. We've had an unseasonably warm start to October. Usually, we can expect a frost by Sept. 15, but so far it's been warm. Today was the first day that it started to feel chilly in the evening and we almost turned on the heater. But with oil prices so high, we managed without it. I'm still watering the mature trees and landscaping but I've left my vegetable garden open for the deer and peacocks. The more they eat, the less I have to clear out. They're having a hard time in this drought same as the trees are. The deer love grape leaves and the peacocks have been noshing on our petunias all summer.


  1. Good luck on A DADDY FOR LUKE submission. My fingers are crossed twice for you!

    1. Thanks, Alicia. I'm looking forward to the feedback on this mss.