Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Does anyone remember watching the Smothers Brothers? Or am I dating myself? My friends and I loved their antics and bought their albums.

One song that has always stuck in my mind is the daisy song. So much so that I’ve always wanted a daisy on my toe, too. This last weekend, after 40 years, I got my daisy. Now I can truthfully sing the song.

"I've got a daisy on my toe. It is not real, it does not grow. It's just a tattoo of a flower, so I'll look neat taking a shower. It's on the second toe of my left foot. A stem and flower, but there's no root (because that wouldn't look good). A pretty daisy on my toe. My right foot loves my left foot so."

I got the tattoo cheap ($20) because I was getting a larger tattoo at the same time. And by larger I mean it came out larger than I had originally planned. I thought 2-3 inches would be good and ended up with an almost 5 inch tattoo on my upper left arm. The tattoo is to memorialize my father who died Sept. 5, 2011, and includes two symbols I associate with him, an anchor and a heart. The rope of the anchor holds the heart close. To anyone who doesn’t know the symbolism, it looks like I love the navy. Oh well, I’m happy with it even if it is a shock whenever I look in the mirror. I seldom go sleeveless, so most people won’t even know I have it, unless I show it to them.

This isn’t my fist tattoo. I got the first one 35 years ago when I lived in Long Beach, Calif. and a co-worker wanted a tattoo but was afraid to go alone. I said I’d go and get one with her. We went down to the Pike and I understood why she didn’t want to go alone. She wanted a butterfly tattoo to cover her appendix scar and because it was below the belt the guy wouldn’t let me in the room with her. What? That was too weird. So I waited outside wondering if he was molesting her. A couple of years later she showed me the tattoo when she was 8 months pregnant :0 I got a small butterfly on my right shoulder. I originally wanted a dragonfly but the guy said he couldn’t do it.


  1. Wow, Christy! I'm dated too. I remember watching the Smothers Brothers show as well. I've always wanted a tattoo. My son has at least two tattoos and is considering another. I've always wanted a red rose on my ankle. I've been too afraid to get one. Oh well, maybe I'll take the plunge one day soon.

    1. Hi Alicia, a rose on your ankle is a good choice. Sexy!

      My tips: choose a tattoo artist who has been at it a few years. There are a lot of apprentices out there who don't have much experience. Ask to see photos of tattoos he's done. Look around the shop for signs of original art work, which will show that the tattoo artist is an artist. Check and double check the size of the pattern on your ankle to be sure it's the size you really want. Once it's colored in it will look bigger (I speak from experience). Oh, and be sure they run a clean shop and display a sign saying so. If shops are not regulated in your area, they're not in mine, they should have a sign saying so. Unregulated does not necessarily mean unclean. After care should be clearly explained.
      I didn't know any of this but my tattoo artist fit all the specs. Plus he was personable which made the couple of hours enjoyable.

      Have fun with it and start planning your next tattoo.