Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Almost Published… The Frustrations…

If you've experience computer frustrations (who hasn't?) then don't read on. You've had your share. Unless you feel alone in the computer frustration world and want company...

Friday I finished formatting HER SCOTTISH CEO for Kindle. I’ve included 17 watercolor illustrations so it took a while to process all those image files. Since my photo shop doesn’t work with my system upgrade I had to take the files to work to process them. I zipped the mss and images files according to instructions, then I uploaded it… and got the spinning wheel of death. Three hours later it was still spinning. I went to bed, got up in the morning and it was still spinning. I had to quit the browser, reopen and fill out the form again. I looked for another source for instructions to zip the files and this time it uploaded in a couple of minutes. Yea!

Next I downloaded the Kindle Preview app so I could check out the book on different devices. To run that I had to update Java, then I had to install XQ-something or other. Then I had to check my system memory as I knew my HD was getting full. Then I had to burn some stuff on CD so I could dump it.

HER SCOTTISH CEO looked good on all Kindle devices, even the B&W ones. However, the iPhone and iPad previewers crashed. But the Table of Contents didn’t work. I had followed the instructions for building a linked ToC and it worked in Word, but not in the preview. So I searched for more instructions and the only ones I found that were different from the ones I used looked like writing code. So I wrote to the help desk. They got back to me Monday and I was able to redo the ToC with Mac instructions. Back to the preview, the ToC works, but the back to ToC doesn't work. And what's the NCX File? Sounds like a TV show. Whatever it is, my book doesn't have it. Then I an error message while viewing my cover that I didn't have a cover. 

Saturday I was so frustrated I grabbed my keys, my camera and my mom, threw them in the car and drove into the mountains to see the fall foliage. We went about 40 miles out to 7000 ft. and the trees were gorgeous, bright yellow and some even orange, which I don’t remember seeing before. There were a lot of people stopped on the side of the road to see and photograph the trees. We took a side road to a reservoir/lake we visited last spring and were shocked at how low the water is. It’s because we had no snow last winter and hardly any rain all year. We took another side trip and stopped for lunch as a small café/deli. It was great to get away from the computer and out into the mountains.

Now I'm gong to see if I can get my book published. 


  1. Oh, my! Writing is not even half the battle for us self-pubs, is it? Hope it turned out well--have to get both yours, and Mae's Weathering Rock. I'm just starting to get caught up to where I'm blogging regularly. Suppose I should check in on SA, too--LOL. :)

  2. Hi Lynne, thanks for stopping by. If I just had a few days in a row to work on it all. Now, I've gone and signed up for a WS on RWA. Just not enough time, is there?