Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday evening...

I finished the final revisions of HER SCOTTISH CEO last night at 12:30am --Yea!--and worked on it the night before until 2am. I was enjoying reading the story and clarifying some last issues. I'm so happy with the results of all the re-writes, edits and revisions. I have learned so much about writing romance since I started this novel a few years ago. I have an idea for a related story, too.

This mss holds a special place in my heart for a few reasons. One, it was inspired by my trip to Scotland where I spent four weeks painting watercolors of the Greg Glen. Second, at the time I wrote this mss I continued to cranked out several more novels, in about four weeks each. (Little did I understand then the amount of time it takes to learn the proper elements needed in a novel.) Third, this is my third mss and as I wrote it I felt myself seriously pulled into writing to the point that I worked at it, studied the craft, and thought about it constantly. (Mss #1 has a beginning, middle and an end, some conflict and angst but was never finished. Mss #2 took over ten years as I wrote only now and then when the muse struck me. It was just a pastime. It's full of beginner mistakes!)

I talked to my mom about her offer to proof read HER SCOTTISH CEO (see yesterday's blog). She started reading it this afternoon before dinner. I fixed BLTs with our neighbor's home grown tomatoes, and big bowls of chilled watermelon squares while she proof read. She went right back to proof reading after dinner and put it down at chapter five. So she's almost halfway through already. She says she's enjoying it and didn't want to put it down. She also says it's very clean but has found a few typos.

I upgraded my system last week and now MSWord longer works. Since I don't like Word all that much—it's too intuitive—I bought Pages so I could open my Word docs. I like Pages so far. Then today I remembered that in the book THE SMASHWORDS STYLE GUIDE, author Mark Coker says to format your book in Word. The Smashwords "Meatgrinder" works best with Word. Smashwords is one of the ebook purveyors I want to use. I will either have to partition my hard drive, buy Word or an upgrade, or buy a new laptop (which I know I will need in the next year or so) and reinstall the older system on my older laptop. Now that my book is nearly ready to publish I've got to figure out this system stuff. It's always something.

I still think I'll have no problem meeting my goal of publishing HER SCOTTISH CEO in the fall. After all, technically, fall lasts from September 21 to December 21. I see meeting my goal sometime in early October.

How's your weekend going?

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