Sunday, September 2, 2012

Are you Serious? Sunday…

I like the idea of linking my Mac and iPod Touch via the Cloud. I looked into upgrading my Mac so I could do that and saw the upgrade wasn't very expensive, had a lot of new features and, it looked to me, wouldn't be much of a learning curve. 

So I downloaded the system, started at 6pm and it still had barely started when I went to bed at midnight. It wasn't finished when I returned to my computer at 10 am, but was real close. How exciting. A new system, new apps, new features. Only when I restarted, the programs I use the most no longer work with this operating system! 

Seriously?! Give me a break! I'm no techie, I need a clue as to what an upgrade doesn't do, guys. Alright, I should have investigated it further, done some research before the loading the upgrade. 

What doesn't work? Word (a gazillion how-to articles and workshop curriculum as well as some earlier novel manuscripts), AppleWorks (same as above but older, tho most have been transferred to… Word), CS2 (including: photoshop, my novel covers and web graphics). 

Upgrades are like playing leap frog, you upgrade one thing, then you have to leap to upgrade the next item. First your system is getting old, so you upgrade it. Then your apps are too old to work on the system so you have to up grade them. And it goes on and on. 

Okay, it's Sunday. A time to reflect on Gratitude. I'm grateful for the computer in the first place. Without it I would not be a novelist. The computer and word processing programs are tools that make it possible for me to express myself in the world of fiction. A way to get those stories that run through my head down on "paper". 

I'm grateful for my day job even if I spend almost every minute there wishing I was home working on my next novel. 

I'm grateful for my friends and, especially this week, reconnecting with a former workmate who was looking for a writing buddy. Yea, there's someone else in this small town who knows what I'm talking about, understands the drive, appreciates the aloneness a novel writer can experience. And who loves kittens as much as I do. Hi Jenn, Great to reconnect with you!


  1. Good on you to reconnect with someone who 'gets' what you're talking about!

  2. I've never used a Mac but I can relate to computer malfunctions and when things don't go as planned. Thank goodness you have all those wonderful other pluses in your life. I hope the computer issues resolve themselves quickly!