Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tell Tale Tuesday = Here’s a little tidbit from HER SCOTTISH CEO, which I am doing editor’s revisions on now, and plan to publish this fall.

(I didn't plan ahead enough to post this Tuesday morning, now Tuesday is almost over.)

“I still don’t want to go out with you,” she said. “You’re angry and ill tempered and—”
“And you’re not? Have you got something to put over that dress? Wind’s up.”
“All I have is my raincoat. It got soaked and it looks a mess. It’d look stupid over this dress.” Why was he provoking her?
“I’m sure Judy has a cardi you can borrow.” He pushed off from the wall.
“Greg! You can’t go in there, that’s Judy’s room!”
“How can someone so organized at work be so disorganized at home?” His voice came muffled from deep within Judy’s closet. He came out with a sweater a darker plum than Marcie’s dress. “Here, put this on.” He held it up for her. “You’re not as tall as Judy but you’re about the same… er… circumference.”
She put her left arm in then twisted to put in her right. “I can’t. My brace will ruin it if I try to put my arm through.”
He took the sweater off, turned her to face him, gently removed the brace, slipped her arm into the sleeve then put the brace back on over the sweater. His tender, careful touch belied his stormy mood. It made her want to stop this nonsense with the sweater and wrap her arms around him. She’d missed him so much. But she went along with what he wanted to do.
He helped her pull the sweater all the way on then bent to button it. His face was so close to hers it made her dizzy. His woodsy cologne and the outdoorsy scent of his oiled jacket mixed with the clean fragrance of shampoo to produce a heady temptation to run her fingers into his hair and pull him close.
“This looks stupid.” Frustration made her crosser. “Oh, no, it’s cashmere! I can’t wear this. What will Judy—”
He fastened the last button then raised his head, looked at her with an intensity that disorientated her. She wasn’t sure if she moved or he did, maybe they both moved. But they moved in such a way to bring their lips together in a hot, searching kiss. She clung to the damp, stiff fabric of his jacket as she leaned into him, forcing him against the wall. She was so ready to quench the thirst, ease the tension. So ready for his lips on hers again.


  1. Oooh, what a delicious excerpt! I am sooo looking forward to reading the whole thing, Christy!

  2. Thanks, that was a fun scene to write.