Friday, August 24, 2012


I've had many cats in my life time. All adopted. This one adopted me. He came out of the sagebrush just skin and bones. I don't know where he came from. That was in 2009 when the recession was causing people to leave their homes. Perhaps he was left behind. He's turned out to be a very affectionate cat and not much trouble, most of the time. He definitely earns his keep in snuggles. He doesn't try to wake me too early on my days off (how does he know?), he hasn't left a mess (so far) on the carpet. And why do cats always leave their messes on carpet? Do they think they can bury it? Don't they know it's much easier to clean up the mess if it's on a hard surface floor? 

I named my cat Cheetah because he looked so much like a cheetah when he came to me, so lean and tall. He's a big cat. At 15 lbs he's twice as big and any cat I've had before. He likes to snuggle if I'm sitting in the recliner, but won't sit on my lap if I'm sitting on the sofa. But I think his favorite place to completely relax is between me and my keyboard. It's like having a 15 lb sandbag laying across my arms. It makes typing kinda hard, but he's so sweet I can't kick him off unless I really need to do some typing. 

Last Friday I smelled something unpleasant in the living room. I thought the neighbor must be fertilizing his alfalfa field and I went out to investigate. But no, the air out side smelled wonderfully sweet with the after-thundershower-damp-earth/pine/sage fragrance I’d love to bottle.
Saturday the smell was worse, I remembered that two weeks ago my cat had brought a quail into the house to play with. I wasn't certain that the quail had flown out the slider I had left open for its convenience. I began to pull the furniture away from the walls and ugg! The little quail, it was a teen-ager from this year’s hatchlings, had wedged himself under the base board heater and died. Two weeks ago. Did I say “UGG!”? After disposing of the poor little thing, I had to scrub the carpet and spray some Fabreeze. Next time the cat brings in a toy (this was the second time he brought in a quail, the first one escaped after scattering feathers all over the dining room) I’m going to be sure the critter gets out. I’m usually able to catch what he brings in, they are sort of stunned for the first few minutes, but they tend to wake up and escape my gentle hold. If I'm not at the open door when they do, I have a chase on my hands. This last time I just wasn’t diligent enough.

Has your cat or dog brought home some interesting gifts for you?


  1. Cheetah is gorgeous! I am such a cat person! I had to laugh when I read your mention about him wanting to snuggle between you and your keyboard. Although he's no longer with me, my cat McDoogal, used to do that. Keyboard time meant lap time, LOL!

    I also lost Onyx this past year. Although all of my felines were housecats and didn't go outside, Onyx once caught a mouse that had worked it's way indoors. We didn't realize it until my husband went to bed one night and found the prize Onyx had left for us by our pillows. Ewwwww!

    BTW, although I am subscribed to your blog for some reason I'm not getting your posts in my email. I'm going to sign up again and see if that takes care of it!

  2. On your pillow! That's a little too upclose and personal.

    I'm so not tech savvy when it comes to web stuff, which is weird because I'm usually able to figure out new software without reading the manual.